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Anonymous  whispered:
I have a love-hate relationship with Void. I'll see a post she makes and agree with it, but then I see this "HUR I'M MARRIED TO LUCIFER AND LOKI FUCK U I'M SO SPEEZUL" and roll my eyes so hard they nearly fall out.

What? I don’t even talk about Lucifer and Loki on my blog that much? Maybe once every few months or whenever I’m asked.

Being married to them isn’t special at all. They have hundreds or thousands of wives. Regardless, my personal life with them is none of your concern. It’s rather average, anyway.

But fuck you I’m special. 



Did my reblog trigger something terrible? ;P


How to Clean Burnt Out Candle Jars to Reuse

al0h4-grom  whispered:
hi I just created a new acc dedicated to surf stuff ect. but I am also a huge diy person. I need some new ideas for decoration in my room. I thought about maybe something that I could make out of seashells?? thanks ☺️


Hello there,

Congratulations on your room, I bet it looks fantastic!


Here are some DIY crafts with seashells:

DIY Simple Shell Candles | Everything Etsy

A simple, easy craft that turns ordinary shells into cute candles!

DIY Beach Seashell Coasters | Creative in Chicago

Coasters for any space made with hemp rope and mini shells.

DIY Oyster Shell Candle Holder | Waterside Cottage Styles

Make a statement in any room with this DIY centerpiece!

Here are some other DIY projects you might enjoy:

DIY Faux Red Coral | The V Spot

A unique decoration for any room.

DIY Beach Inspired Mason Jars | A Pumpkin & A Princess

You could use the mason jar for a vase for flowers, as a pencil holder, change holder or you could even place some shells inside!

DIY Rope Mirror | Apartment Therapy

Easy & cute mirror. 

For more decoration ideas & projects click here.


Dark beauty http://dark-beauties.tumblr.com/


did you just sass your fucking dog

Question!? Why the heck does Samael do______ (Fill in the blanks).



So -I get a lot of questions about what are some of the not so fun things that Samael can do to you if you are a follower or acquainted with him in some way, and I thought I would address them here for all of you.

1- Make you confess to things you never did, to as a result make you inadvertently confess to things you actually feel ashamed about.

Yep he has this terrible way of deciding one day that you are accused of something you never even did or you are asked to share something that your not even sure that actually happened, and he demands an explanation over and over and over -well you get the point.

But why does he do this you ask -because he is a Trickster and a Judge and one of his favorite sacrifices to his mental fire are confessions -lest from my experience. His reason for doing this is to get you to share something you aren’t comfortable with at all, or sharing something in desperation, what your not even aware of that’s holding you back or “sinful” to you in your mind.

Kinda like a game of good cop bad cop, he does good cop then suddenly you are being locked up and interrogated for months because of a crime you supposedly did that you don’t recall (or maybe do) your self.

Samael likes to be both because he is technically according to some, both -as like the ophites think he is both Micheal / Samael, or if you prefer Jehovah / Samael, or Set or Horus(or to some Thoth) the comparisons go on and on.

2 - Say different yet also very core or similar things to each of his devotes.

From my understanding of working with him for years, he likes to teach people to their own comprehension. If he doesn’t think your brain can wrap around a concept at the stage your at he won’t let you know of it’s existence or he will first try to ease you into it like when you ease into a freezing cold body of water.

If he thinks you shouldn’t know it at all at this time he will keep you from it or tell you straight not to do it. From my encounters there’s nothing more that he hates then irresponsible magicians use magic they aren’t ready for yet. Mind you the same can be said in a sense when you won’t use any of the magic he teaches you as well.

There are some aspects he refuses to allow me to share with you hear about our working together, and I respect those reasons as after much explanation it makes perfect sense why he does this -it’s usually to protect his various followers while allowing them to grow at their own pace.

While he is a war and death energy, and usually has no problem dropping people off a cliff to learn how to fly, he is very meticulous and wise on how he approaches  teaching and sharing his ideals.

3 - You like that gemstone you work with and it’s magically gone now? Samael has is.

Samael from all the years I worked with him, loves to take and give objects that mean a lot to you. Whether it’s that shirt you love or your favorite necklace, I have lost more item and gained more items through his handy work then any other spirit. Why?

He is very sentimental and you can bet you butt if he’s fond of you, he’s going to take the things that remind him of you for his little treasure chest of human collectables -the most. He has not only done this to me but others I have seen him work with as well.

4 - Samael always acts very Jekyll and Hyde-ish around me. Sometimes I see him in two aspects is that normal??

Yep, it’s all apart of his dual, yet not duel manifestation of opposites. Many followers have seen him in varied aspects of his persona -he does this intentionally despite how utterly confusing it can be sometimes. Your best be is to learn some basics in reading energy and always asking the spirit to reveal it self.

5- Samael said he’s my spirit husband help!!

Yeah he does that lol. I have met many of his wives and while many are very nice lovely women, then again I have met many are not so fond of the concept of sharing and will down right accuse you of being fooled by some other angel or lowly creature out there -when this isn’t the case (revert back to the bit of teaching at ones own pace).

The good news for you bells of the ball brides, is that he loves you like crazy, and has a way of devoting aspects of his energy to you so there’s no need to be hating on that girl Zoey who emailed you last week sharing her joy with you that she is also married to him.

The reality is my dear beautiful folks, he has a butt tone of wives much like Odinn, Baron, Shiva, etc. Even in his own lore he fancied Eve Sarah and the 4 angels of prostitution (one being Lilith), which 4 are directly called his wives. So while it’s understandably hard to love anyone who has many wives, this fellow has so many it’s hard to count at this point as there’s not enough fingers and toes. I will even add some of his wives are picked even before they can say their first words, due to past life associations.

Also another ignore bit is that he also takes husbands (something he wanted me to include here), and while it may not happen as often it sure does happen so men if you feel he is hitting on you -he probably is.

6 - You just tried to bind Samael and now your having the worst luck in history, or worse you or someone is dying due to your actions?

This is the hardest one to answer but it’s the most truthful. never ever try to put chains or sigils on this Archangel/old God without his okay, or you will not be okay. Also never tempt him to anger because you will pay for it through simple punishments to severe life and death punishments -yes death is a possibility when working with Death.

I can say from personal experience and from meeting others, that he lives up to his title of Severity very very well. If he says he has a mandate in your life and he is brought to you their with rights, for the love of God save yourself years of being dragged through the mud (which he does to wake you up) and listen to what he has to say at lest once.

If Samael says he is warning you to stop something -for pete sakes STAAAAAHP! Especially if it’s something due to really giving up in life and on all things within it, or life and death situations or scenarios, or lastly -you wanting to have fame prestige and power through treating him like your house pet.

I say this because -man I have seen the results of these type of issues, and my friends it is very very VERY ugly. If he is indeed the shadow side of Jehovah, you know what the bible says about ticking God off, don’t tempt the Lord your God, to anger -it’s a really bad idea.

I hoped some of these answered your questions and concerns, please keep your questions coming I will answer what I can and if I can. Have a beautiful afternoon!




Gift for a friend of her Incubus character. Alas I didn’t include his perma rock-hard nipples in this picture.


Gift for a friend of her Incubus character. Alas I didn’t include his perma rock-hard nipples in this picture.