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I was born from the heavens so crack open my bones and galaxies will spill into your palms, for we are angels and our birthright is the stars.

Making sense is for losers.

- Loki, before vanishing into thin air after having a very deep conversation with me (via lokeanrose)

For the past few days, whenever I sit down or stay still I feel like I’m on a boat. I can feel my body rocking back and forth and waves disturbing the balance of the “boat”. This is weird.

idonttakemycontactsout  whispered:
i appreciate your concern, but at my college we interact a great deal with autism speaks and support it. you shouldn't focus on what they're doing wrong, because none of it is terrible, but focus on what they are trying to do for people with all different levels of autism.


Things you apparently don’t consider terrible:

Posting a video of a mother talking about how she wanted to kill her child while that same child  was in the room listening. 

Supporting the eugenic abortion of autistic people.

Failing to condemn the murders of autistic children.

Supporting the Judge Rotenburg Center, which according the the UN, tortures autistic people.

It is terrible, only 3% of their budget goes towards services, there are no autistic people on their board, they literally support eugenics. They are doing absolutely nothing good. 

This is widely know withing the autistic community and they are pretty universally hated by autistic people. Because they are terrible. They only even bother pretending to care about little white boys.


Read that link. Read it.

And here is the resignation letter of the sole autistic person they had in an important (but still non board) position


Here’s a flyer by a major autism advocacy organisation on them


OR, if you still don’t give a fuck about what autistic people think or want, (which seems kind of obvious from the content of this ask) here are some links written by non autistic people.

Here’s a post from the CEO of one of the oldest charities in the US for intellectually and developmentally disabled people. 


Here’s a post from a major autism parenting magazine


And here are some other posts



If you continue to support them now you are in possession of this information, then it is clear that you are not an ally to autistic people, you don’t want to help us, and are probably just doing your charity work for “oh look at me, I’m a good person” points.

If you support autism speaks, you are not supporting autistic people, you are hurting us. And you are doing it knowingly and consciously.

Please spread this, not enough people know.


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle


It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus


It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus